Why Work and Live in New Zealand

Why Work and Live in New Zealand-

Why Work and Live in New Zealand?

One of the question expats considering immigration to New Zealand ask is “Why work in New Zealand?” There are many other countries in the world that one could choose from, so why New Zealand?

Yes, there may be many countries in the world but not compares to having a working visa in New Zealand. None of those countries you are thinking of can offer you the uniqueness and sweet benefits that only New Zealand could offer. Why are we saying this? Take a look at the following reasons.

  • New Zealand is Safe and Modern

Not many countries can offer a safe and at the same time, a modern environment. New Zealand is one nation that guarantees you safety. Not only do you have access to modern development and technologies, the environment is equally safe. This is one nation where you can walk to work or ride a bicycle freely. You can consult with visa consultants in Dubai or New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai to learn more about safety in New Zealand.

  • Benefits for Working Parents

If you are a working parent or you are planning to become a parent, you will love New Zealand because the environment is highly supportive to parents. New parents get paid parental leave bonuses for up to 14 weeks which is rumored to be increasing to 18 weeks in 2016. If your children fall sick, you are free to get sick leave to take care of your kids and this applies to both parents.

  • Work-Life Balance

Among nations with a good work-life balance, New Zealand comes top. New Zealanders enjoy varied lifestyles and a very healthy work-life balance. Most people who work in New Zealand agree that they have enough time to spend with their family.

  • New Zealand welcomes business

International businesses are welcome in New Zealand. According to world Bank, New Zealand is ranked as the second easiest country in the world to do business with. There are limitless career opportunities and prospects too. If you want to know more about business in New Zealand, you are welcome to talk to our New Zealand immigration agents in Dubai.

  • Excellent Working Opportunities

There are plenty of work opportunities in New Zealand. One of the easiest ways to get into New Zealand to work is via the skilled migration visa which gives the opportunity to skilled migrants from all across the world to immigrate to New Zealand on a more permanent basis.

  • Perfect for Children

New Zealand offers what every parent wants for their children. Such things include excellent education, safe environment, child friendly conditions and opportunities for older children to work and enjoy a fantastic life.

  • The First Step to Working in New Zealand

Visas and Work Permits

If you really wish to work in New Zealand, the first step to take is to find out if you qualify or not. The truth is, not everyone is qualified to work in New Zealand and before you start spending money, it is advised that you check with New Zealand immigration agents in Dubai to know how eligible you are. You can also take our free New Zealand immigration Dubai online assessment and one of our agents will revert without delay to discuss your opportunities in New Zealand.


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