Work and Live in Canada as Skilled Worker


Work and Live in Canada as Skilled Worker

Are you planning to move to Canada? If not, maybe you should! Canada, according to the ranking conducted by the United Nations, is ranked as one of the best countries to live and work in the world. This is the reason why over 200,000 people move into Canada yearly, making it one of the world’s prime immigration destinations. You can easily confirm this at the Consulate of Canada in Dubai or talk to a reputable company offering Canadian immigration services. These numbers are increasing every year and this gives you an opportunity to move to Canada too.

Over 320,000 Federal Skilled Migration visas are granted by Canada each year to people who have the right qualifications. Such people are taken through Canadian immigration assessment and if found eligible, are given visas. Such are free to work in any of their chosen provinces including Quebec. Workers from the UAE and the rest of the Gulf are welcome to apply to any province of their choice in Canada and migrate through the Canadian Skilled Migration Program.

The Canadian skilled worker category is particularly a popular visa category for those who have the right skills and work experience as entry into Canada becomes easy for such. Those who have skills that are in high demand like software professionals, computer engineers, healthcare professionals, who have proficiencies in French and/or English languages will find it easier to gain entry into Canada than those who do not have such skills.

Those who are successful in their application are given permanent residence permits and are given the freedom to bring their family members to stay with them.


For more information about Canada and how you can migrate, you are welcome to talk to us at Visas and Work Permits, a licensed recruitment agency Dubai to Canada. You can fill up our free Canada immigration evaluation online form and one of our agents will get back to you to discuss the opportunities available for you in Canada.

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