Why Migrating to Australia is a Best Choice


Why Migrating to Australia is a Best Choice

Ranked in the world as the second best country for quality of life, life expectancy and quality of education by the United Nationals report on economic assessment, Australia is one of the choice destinations for migrants from all across the world. Australia in itself is a wealthy country since it generates its income from several sources including telecommunications, mining experts, manufacturing, banking and Information Technology. This has resulted in the large influx of immigrants from the world at large. Australia also boasts of one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world known as Medicare, which provides basic health cover for all Australians. However, there are still private healthcare facilities for all who want them.

Talking about multicultural countries, Australia is one at the forefront. With about 43% Australians which are either born overseas or have parents who are born overseas, one would not be wrong to say Australia is really diverse culturally. Despite the normal business and commerce in Australia, lifestyle is pretty laid back and relax. There are no class boundaries as it exists in countries like the UK. As such, everyone has a sense of contribution to the growth of the society. Housing is affordable and of high standard when compared to what obtains in other countries. The quality of schools, hospitals and public transport also shows an exceptional attention to quality, something that Australians enjoy.

There are six states in Australia and they include the New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. There are two major mainland territories namely the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. Australia is surrounded by the Pacific and Indian Oceans and it enjoys the world’s largest presence of coral reefs.

The Australian Skilled Independent Visa gives the opportunity to migrants to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident. It is a point based system. If you have questions about the points based system, please consult with Australian immigration consultants in Dubai. This visa can be obtained if you are:

  • A Skilled Worker
  • Nominated by a state or territory government
  • Sponsored by family or employer who is an Australian

The Skilled Migration Program in Australia is managed by the Skill Select platform which is an online based service that allows workers and business people who might want to migrate to Australia to submit their personal profile in order to be considered for a skilled visa through Expression of Interest. The Internal Auditor Australia immigration uses points and such points are calculated for each applicant using the following factors:

  • Age
  • Work Experience
  • Trade or Occupation
  • English Language Ability
  • Close Relatives who live in

Different Categories of Permanent Residency Visa

The following are the different categories through which Permanent Residency Permits could be obtained in Australia

  • Skilled Independent: This is a point based test for skilled workers who do not have sponsoring by an employer or family member or have not been nominated by a government state or territory
  • Skilled Nominated: This is for those who have been able to secure a state or territory nomination
  • Skilled Regional Sponsored (Provisional): This is for those who have been nominated by a state or territory or by an eligible relative who lives in a designated area in Australia


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