Why Migrate to Canada from the UAE


Why Migrate to Canada from the UAE

Over the past few years, most of the immigrants from the UAE have found Canada to be their best second home. If you ask any of these immigrants why they chose Canada, their answer is always same – Canada is full of opportunities and improvement options. If you are also searching for a better life for yourself and your family, you will find Canada to be the idea solution. Below are other factors that make many citizens of the UAE migrate to Canada.

  1. High Life Expectancy Rate

A recent survey conducted on the life expectancy rates of countries, Canadians were found to live up to 81 years, approximately. This only means that Canadians are well catered for and as such, could live longer lives.

  1. Low Crime Rates

Canada is one of those countries in the world with the lowest crime rates. In 1984, Canada signed treaties, renouncing possessing of arms and weapons of mass destruction. Now these statistics, added to Canada’s zero tolerance for evil, domestic violence and abuse, will definitely make anyone looking for a safe place to choose Canada.

  1. World-Class Educational System

More than 50% of Canadians have at least a college degree or university level education. This is because there are many top class institutions where anyone could learn new skills and get equipped for a better future. The public schooling system is one of the best in the world, accommodating newcomers and giving them the best elementary education.

  1. Thriving Economy

Canadian workforce figures keep expanding and yet, there are increasing opportunities for immigrants to get jobs in Canada. This can only be because of the buoyant Canadian economy. With about 58,900 jobs created monthly, one can say that Canada caters not only for its own population, but also for immigrants who gain entry into Canada and have the right skills.

  1. Multicultural Society

Since there are many people, from all walks of life and from different races and descent, coming into Canada, Canada has become home to many immigrants with different cultures and traditions and this has made Canada a multicultural society.


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