Who Can Apply for New Zealand Skilled Visa

Who Can Apply for New Zealand Skilled Visa

Wanting to migrate to New Zealand but do not know whether you are qualified to apply? Visas and Work Permits gives you the basic requirements needed for New Zealand Immigration. It is always important to know and learn about the skilled migrant visa process and our Immigration Consultants can help you on that.

If you are looking to work and settle in New Zealand, then Permanent Residence Visa is what you will need and you can achieve this by applying for Skilled Visa.

Who can apply for New Zealand Skilled Visa?

To be qualified for application for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category visa, applicant must qualify below:

  1. You must be under the age of 55
  2. You must be fit and in good health
  3. You must be in good character
  4. You must have a Good Englisgh Capability

A points system is used to determine whether you are eligible. The points will be based on your experience, your age, you qualification and employability in New Zealand.

There are 2 different outcomes when it comes to points system, these are below:

  1. You are not qualified for Skilled MIgrant Visa due to less than 100 points
  2. You will be qualified to submit an Expression of Interest for New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa


Visas and Work Permits is an immigration consultancy company in Dubai and has a team of New Zealand Immigration Consultants who are more than willing to assist you on your New Zealand Skilled Visa application. Our visa experts will conduct an in depth qualification assessment to see your chances of getting approved. These chances depends your qualification based on the New Zealand immigration requirements.

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