What is Denmark Green Card Scheme?

Denmark Green Card Scheme

Denmark Danish Green Card is the pathway to Denmark Immigration. The Green card allows you to live and work in Denmark. Denmark Green Card is the opportunity for the skilled and professional people to explore their skills and settle down in the happiest country.

Under this scheme, non-European Union skilled migrants are allowed to come to Denmark for 2 years permit on a renewable basis in order to find the relevant job. The applicant can be granted a residence permit under the Green card scheme for two years. Before the end of this visa, the applicant can apply for visa renewal or either to extend the visa for three years.

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Eligibility for Green Card

The Danish Green Card is a point based system under which an applicant has to score 100 points to become eligible. These points are calculated on the basis of your education qualification, age, work experience, language skills. The applicant can more points if he has masters or Ph.D. The more work experience he has the more points he can score.

Language Skills for Danish Green Card

In order to get points for language skills, the applicant must have a document that you have passed a recognized exam in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German. The language test that you have passed in less than two years prior to the time you apply will be considered.

The applicant can also score extra points through adaptability points if he has completed his/her studies in Denmark.

Advantages of the Denmark Green Card Scheme

  1. Family members of the Denmark permanent resident can join him/her in Denmark and can work, live and study.
  2. The candidate may pay a visit to all other the countries of the Schengen area without holding any visa.
  3. The applicant can apply for the permanent residency if you have met all the necessary conditions and requirements.

Processing time and fees for the scheme

It will take 8-12 weeks for application processing and the rest depends upon the Denmark government authority. For the primary applicant, the fees for application processing under the Danish Green Card scheme is DKK 7,210. Read more about Denmark Green Card

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