What is A Canadian Work Permit

What is A Canadian Work Permit | Work Visa for Canada

What is A Canadian Work Permit | Work Visa for Canada

What is A Canadian Work Permit

The Canadian Work Permit or work Visa is issued by the Canadian Immigration allowing foreign skilled workers to work in a specific job in the country for a specific employer. Individuals are allowed to work in the country same as the Canadian Permanent residents and citizens of the country. An individual who is not currently a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident Visa holder is required to obtain a Work Permit or Work Visa to be able to work in the country.

First Step:

The first step in getting a Canadian Work Permit is to get a job offer from any Canadian Employers. Those who have visas under spouse, common law partners, foreign student visa and others are open to work in the country can obtain a Canadian Work Permit without a job offer.

The Canadian Work Permit is issued by the CIC or the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada which is a Canadian Department of the Government.


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