Ways to Immigrate to Canada


Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Yearly, people from all over the world choose to migrate to Canada, as a very good option of place to work and live because of the high standard of living, beautiful landscapes, diverse and welcoming communities and so much more.

Canada accepts immigrant population from over 200 countries of the world.

According to the projections of Statistics Canada, by the year 2031, more than half of the population over the age of 15 will be foreigners or at least have one foreign-born parent. The number of visible minorities are expected to double, making up the majority of the population of most cities in Canada.

States and Territories of Canada

  1. Ontario
  2. Quebec
  3. Nova Scotia
  4. New Brunswick
  5. Manitoba
  6. British Columbia
  7. Prince Edward Island
  8. Saskatchewan
  9. Alberta
  10. Newfoundland and Labrador

In Canada, there are basically 4 categories of immigrants: the Family class (which involves closely related persons of Canadian residents who are living in Canada), the Economic Immigrants (which involves skilled workers and business people), other (Which includes people accepted as immigrants for humanitarian or compassionate purposes) and refugees (people who are escaping persecution, cruel treatments and torture)

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Canadian Immigration Programs

There are various visa programs available under which you may qualify for Canadian immigration, but it is important to know which of these visas is best for you and your family. Visit us at Visas and Work Permits for an absolutely FREE Assessment of your profile. Our agents for Canada immigration will help you to narrow down on the choices available for immigration to Canada.

  1. Express Entry
  2. Federal Skilled WorkersVISAS
  3. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  4. Canadian Experience Class
  5. Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers
  6. Family Sponsorship
  7. Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed
  8. Provincial Nominees
  9. Live-In Caregivers
  10. Refugees


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