UK Business Immigration from Dubai

UK Business Immigration from Dubai

UK Business Immigration from Dubai

Visas and Work Permits are expert UK immigration consultants in Dubai with years of experience on our side. If you have been wondering how to apply for UK student visa from Dubai, or work permits and Business visas, you can count on our experience and licensed agents to guide you through the process without stress.

The UK Business visa category is designed for those who intend coming into the United Kingdom for the purpose of starting up a business. An applicant is allowed to start up any type of business as long as he or she is willing to work full time in managing the business till it stands.

If you are planning to be a passive investor, and you have at least 750 GBP (about US1.35 Million) in savings, then you are eligible for this visa. You can apply directly on the UK Investor’s visa page. For those who intend to send a representative to the UK to run the business on their behalf, such can apply on the UK Sole representative’s Page. The business is known as the “Business Status Application”

Do I Qualify to come to the UK to run a Business?

Applicants that are not covered in the EC Association Agreement will need to show that they will:

  • Invest at least £200,000 in a new UK Business
  • Create a full time job for at least 2 EEA citizens
  • Work actively and solely on this business
  • Provide enough funds to take care of themselves until the business is profitable
  • Have a controlling interest in the business startup
  • Share a part of the business liabilities
  • Implement a business plan that viable and thorough altogether

The money that will be invested by the investor in this UK business must be solely owned by the investor, such funds cannot be from another source e.g. bank loans. These funds can however be in the form of cash or share capital investment.


For more information about the UK Business visa, we are available for consultation and advice. If you are not clear about the requirements and your eligibility status, please fill up our free online assessment form and our UK immigration in Dubai agents will get back to you with detailed information about the UK Business visa.

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