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Visas and Work Permits are committed to delivering only the best immigration services you deserve that is why we value your feedback and reviews and make sure we leave you satisfied. Here are some of the clients who shared their reviews about our Visas and Work Permits team in Dubai. Let our immigration specialists handle the worries and the hassle of visa application.

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  • Talha 


I’ll like to thank Visas and Work Permits for helping me to secure a visa that got me into Canada. I’ve been trying to process a Canada PR visa for years now but I had no luck. It always seemed like there was something missing and just when I thought I’d get it, I’ll always come up short. When I met Visas and Work Permits, they put me through and gave me expert tips on what to do. The next time I tried, I was confident that I had done all the right things and just like they said I would, I got the visa in one try.


  • Ayaan 

Ayan Visa

A friend referred me to Visas and Work Permits. I had to use the services of Visas and Work Permits for my application for Canadian immigration. Interestingly, I found the team to be extremely sound and understanding. I was walked through the process and guided on what to do. The whole process was relatively painless because of the vast knowledge and experience displayed by the staff. All my calls were returned and my emails replied. I was able to get my permit in no time. I strongly recommend Visas and Work Permits to everyone who need exceptional visa services.


  • Biswas 


I applied for Canada Federal Skilled immigration via visas and work permits in Dubai and i got my visa just today! I am so thankful to Khalifa who was my consultant and the case manager who handled my visa application! I had a very long waiting but smooth transaction with them. They are honest in giving answers to your immigration questions about processes, your qualifications, and which visa you will qualify. I really recommend visas and work permits in Dubai Tecom. Expert consultation with great results! Kudos!


  • Maryjane 


I was in the process of attempting to get a Australian Visa. I was unclear about the route I should take so I enlisted the help of Visas and Work Permits. After the initial consultation Visas and Work Permits came up with an approach and a budget. With their services I was able to obtain the Australian Visa on time and within the budget discussed!








  • Abdul 


Excellent Visa staff for immigration! I only found this company on the internet and gave them a try. I never really expected what I found. Very professional and personal service! My Portugal skilled visa was delivered in less than 6 months. I greatly recommend Visas and Work Permits!




  • Shubham 


I am a critic and so I like to know every little detail about anything I am getting into. When I approached Visas and Work Permits to learn about the possibility of migrating to Australia, they were straight down to earth with me. They answered all my questions and explained every detail. They actually helped me to choose the best visa option. It was like a miracle when I got called that my visa was approved. Thank you so much Visas and Work Permits, I really appreciate your services. I will recommend you to my friends.








  • Esther 


I am Esther, accountant in Dubai. I am forever grateful to visas and work permits especially to the one who handled my application. I was wanting to apply for Canada PR visa and saw their company online. I called and i was assessed professionally and was told and instructed on what to do and my eligibility. the Immigration case manager assigned to me demonstrated expertise and efficiency in getting all my documentations processed. I strongly recommend visas and work permits to everyone intending to make use of their services.


  • Faisal


I had a very great experience right from the start to finish; All the staff were really great and very helpful. I recommend Visas and Work Permits for all student who are planning to study in UK!





  • Elisheba 


I greatly appreciate the professionalism of the Visas and Work Permits team, their honesty and their organization. They were helpful enough to me that I didn’t have to spend time or stop my life because of my visa processing. They helped me with almost everything. I have spent 11 weeks now in Canada and I am loving it. Although I had to pay but I must say it was worth it all the day. Let’s just say it’s a price you have to pay to get to live your dreams. Thanks Visas and Work Permits.



  • Bharti 


If you are looking for professional visa services that is expedited without any form of delays, then you don’t need to look further, Visas and Work Permits it is. They did all of the hard work for me and helped me through it all; even through the most difficult times. They keep their promises really. Keep up the good work guys. I will keep recommending your services to my friends who need your services.



  • Bindu 


I cannot begin to tell you how superb the services of Visas and Work Permits were, you will probably think it is hype. I got a very excellent service right from the telephone conversation through to the visa application and supplying of data needed to back up my immigration method. I have had past experience with other visa agencies but had little luck. With Visas and Work Permits, our FSW visa was ready within 9 months and for me, that was exceptional. Thank you so much for the good service. I recommend this service to everyone. You just need to pay them a visit.


  • Judith 


Visas and Work Permits is a wonderful company. They helped me to sort out my life when I needed a vias. I would like to recommend their services to anyone who needs excellent visa services. They are very fast and their customer service is one of the best I have seen so far.





  • Joby 


Thank you so much Visas and Work Permits for everything you have done for me to successfully get a Permanent Residency from Dubai. Your consultant made a very professional assessment on my qualification and because of him I realized my chances of getting a visa and migrating to Canada as a nurse. Thank you so much for all your help.






  • Vinod 


Visas and Work Permits I can say is one of the professional immigration company I have encountered. I have tried 2 other companies in the same industry and they both failed me by asking money first before anything else. I was turned on by how they process everything with my case. Thank you for your guidance.