SkillSelect Program of Australia for Skilled Workers

SkillSelect Program of Australia for Skilled Workers

SkillSelect Program of Australia for Skilled Workers

Do you want to work and live in Australia? You probably have been giving deep thought to what ways are there to migrate to Australia from Dubai. The SkillSelect program was introduced by the Australian Government and it allows applicants to submit their visa request in stages in order to have an idea of how successful their visa will be.

First, applicants are given Invitation to Submit an Expression of Interest or EOI for short.

Every year, EOIs are accepted by the Australian government from people who have specific skills in particular areas to fill up the quota for skills. The quota for EOI applications depends on the shortage of skilled workers in a given occupational field at any given time. All applications are however screened equally by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and only the best are invited for a visa application to access and enjoy the vast job opportunities in Australia.

How to Apply

Anyone may apply through the SkillSelect program, as long as they are up to 18 years of age, regardless of whether they live within our outside of Australia.

Since SkillSelect allows skilled migrants to fill up their details on the portal, they are exposed to nominations from Australian businesses or government bodies which may be in need of their services. The best way to apply for the SkillSelect program however is to go through  certified MARA agents who are specialized and licensed Australian immigration consultants from Dubai. They will be able to guide you on how best to increase your chances. All whose EOI applications are accepted will be invited to apply for a Provisional or Permanent Visa.

Why an EOI Application First?

It is part of the Australian immigration requirements that EOIs should be submitted first. The Australian government determines this and the purpose is to both allow equal opportunity as well as give the government the opportunity to sift through to select the applicants who are best suitable. This has a way of saving everyone time and money and those who their EOIs are denied will have opportunity to consider other options of immigration.

How Many Points Do you Need?

The number of points required to meet SkillSelect application has recently been reduced by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship from 65 to 60. After you might have done skill assessment and have an IELTS result, you only need 60 points to qualify to submit an EOI.

Duration of Application

An application for EOI can stay in the SkillSelect system for up to 2 years after which it will be removed. However, you can suspend or ask that your application be removed at any time. Those who breach the terms and conditions of SkillSelect will be removed automatically.

Invitation to Apply for Permanent Visa

Those whose applications are accepted will be called to apply for a visa and only 2 months are available to do this. It is mandatory that all Australian immigration requirements are satisfied and all documents valid. Once you have all these, you can consult with Australian immigration agents in Dubai to help you through the application process.


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