Skilled Migrant Resident Visa – New Zealand

‘Skilled Migrant Visa’ is the most popular visa type for the immigrants. New Zealand grants the resident visa to candidates who have skills that are needed in New Zealand, that are able to make use or transfer these skills, and that will successfully settle and contribute to the country
With the submission of an Expression Of Interests, skilled migrant visa process starts, only in the form of a very long questionnaire aimed at assessing your suitability to meet the requirements. Your consultant will guide you through each step in the process and ensure you not only meet the requirements but can also prove your claims with acceptable supporting information.
The Skilled Migrant visa for New Zealand is a point’s based system, providing an opportunity for skilled workers to get the permanent residency in New Zealand. Here points are claimed by the applicant under some criteria i.e. age, qualifications, work experience, or a job offer by the employer in New Zealand. If the applicant score is 160 points only then the candidate will come to know their Expression Of Interest accepted and be Invited To Apply (ITA) for residence.
A resident visa under the Skilled Migrant Category will allow an applicant to live, work and study in New Zealand and he can include his partner dependent child also.
• Applicant occupation, professional skills, work experience and qualifications must be assessed as skilled.
• Applicant should have an offer letter of skilled employment or current skilled employment in New Zealand.
• Applicant must meet the good character requirements of New Zealand.
• Applicant must meet the health requirement and have some health insurance.
• Applicant age must be below 50.
• Applicant must have good IELTS score.
If the applicant meets the basic criteria Depending on his points score he will either:
• Not qualify for a skilled migrants visa, happens when a points score of 160 is not fulfilled. This could be an essential skills work visa rather than an immediate application for residence as a skilled migrant.
• You qualify to submit an EOI. This is where you score 100 points plus and qualify for a skilled migrant visa.
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