Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Quebec is offering several Immigration Programs for people who are wishing to Migrate to Canada particularly Quebec to work and live in the area. The province has its own immigration rules and regulations in choosing foreign skilled migrants. These foreign skilled workers must be able to adapt well to the life in Quebec. French is one of the most used language in the region with 80% of its population speaks the language.

Why Quebec?

Quebec is one of the most recognized when it comes to quality of life and its environmental uniqueness in the world. Not only this, it offers an abundant nature plus safe cities and society.

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Quebec is one of the popular destinations for foreign skilled workers for migration for professional reasons such as working as a skilled individual. Quebec has been welcoming a number of skilled workers and it has been accepting a number of application at different frames all year round. It is very important that applicants contact us to know in advance if you are qualified before reaching the cap limit for applications.


With the help of our Quebec Immigration Consultants in Dubai, you will be able to know which particular documents you need to provide to complete your application and make it a successful one.

You may talk to one of our Immigration Consultants for Canada through filling up the Free Assessment Form or by calling us directly. One of our agents will contact you to conduct an initial assessment to evaluate if you are eligible for this visa.

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