Portugal Entrepreneur Visa

Portugal Entrepreneur VisaPortugal Entrepreneur Visa

Portugal offers a fantastic route to a residence permit and permanent residency by setting up a Business in Portugal, your business can either be physical or online. Capital requirements can be as small as 1000 Euros. Residency is normally acquired with 6 months of arriving in Portugal and you can include your family members.

This route is available to:

* Skilled professionals looking to set up a low-cost online company,

* A businessman looking to open a small business, franchise, office, cafe or  

* Professionals looking to remain in Portugal as self-employed entities.

This program is diverse with no capital or minimum investment requirements and hence is suitable for a wide range of applicants, from those with large capital reserves to those with more modest savings.

Portugal is very welcoming to a range of skills and occupations. This route has many benefits including:

* Open to all, not solely business people

* No need to reside in Portugal throughout the entire 6 month processing period

* Expedited process compared to the freelance “open work and residency permit

* Gain permanent residency permit in Portugal after 5 years

* Obtain a Portugal Passport and European Passport allowing you to live and work anywhere in Europe     after 6 years.

This is surely a great route to Permanent Residency and a European Passport for you and your family!


Visas and Work Permits can assist you in your Portugal Residency Visa application from Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman or Bahrain. We have a team of professional Immigration Consultants who are more than willing to help you in obtaining a Portugal Permanent Resident Visa. Our Immigration Consultants are well up-to-date in Portugal rules and regulations and will provide you comprehensive guidance in making sure that your application is a successful one.

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