Planning to Migrating to Australia as Skilled Worker


Planning to Migrating to Australia as Skilled Worker

Are you a skilled worker interested in migrating to Australia? SkillSelect is an online system that allows you to quickly and easily enter your details to be considered for an invitation to apply for a skilled visa.

SkillSelect identifies overseas workers with the skills that are most in need in Australia. To find out if you have a skill that Australia needs, you can contact our Immigration Consultants and they will help you see if your skills are in the Skilled Occupation lists . State or territory governments will use SkillSelect to identify and select skilled workers that they wish to nominate for a skilled visa.  If you are nominated by a state or territory government, this will increase your opportunity to receive an invitation.


Visas and Work Permits has a team of professional and experienced immigration consultants and managers for Australia who can assess, advice, assist you with your migration to Australia as a Skilled Worker. We give Free Visa Consultation to those who are interested in migrating as skilled worker. We provide comprehensive assessment based on Australian Immigration rules and policy to see if you are qualified to migrate to Australia.

So if you have a skill that Australia needs and you meet the visa requirements, log into SkillSelect today and tell us about yourself and what you can bring to Australia’s workplace. You may be invited to lodge a skilled visa application sooner than you expect.

For more information about the skills listed in the occupation list accepted in Australia, please contact Visas and Work Permits today.

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