Permanent Residency Visa All you Need to Know

Permanent Residency Visa All you Need to Know

Permanent Residency Visa All you Need to Know

Most of Australian biggest human economic resource is from people who migrate into the country. Obtaining a PR visa for migrating to Australia from Dubai is the first thing to worry about if you are to live in the country. A permanent resident visa refers to a stamped entry pass which gives the holder the opportunity to benefit from all that a citizen enjoys in Australia.

The Australian PR visa can be secured through four routes:

  • Skilled Visa
  • Sponsored worker visa
  • Business Visa
  • Family visa

With any of the above visas, you can migrate to Australia from Dubai and secure a PR visa which allows you to live in the country for the specified period.

The student visa and the working holiday visa appears to be the easiest ones to secure when one needs a Landed Australian Permanent Residency. The sponsorship visa is the visa issued to a worker after working in Australia for some time. Such applicant is expected to have skill, character, good health and a solid educational background.

The skilled migration visa is another viable pathway for prospective applicants which allows them to take part in the labour market and contribute their skills and expertise in the country.


Migration to another country can be very tasking and full of paperwork, asides the legal areas which most applicants are not familiar with. This is why you need the services of Australian immigration consultantsĀ in Dubai to help you secure visas and work permits. Having been in the industry for a long time, they can tell what paths to take and what documents will be required to provide a strong backing for your application.

If you need the help of Australian immigration consultant in Dubai, you are welcome to fill our free online visa assessment form and one of our agents will get back to you.


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