NZ and Australia Belongs to Top 10 Best Countries for Expats

New Zealand and Australia is Among the Top 10 Best Countries for Expat Families

NZ and Australia Belongs to Top 10 Best Countries for Expats

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Recent research as revealed by the reputable opinion source, Expat Insider, has found that Australia and New Zealand was among the top 10 countries where expats would love to settle down with their families. This research is based on quality of education, world class healthcare systems, infrastructure, access to family friendly leisure activities and availability of childcare services.

We at Visas And Work Permits agree with Expat Insider and have sincerely helped many expats migrate from their home countries to New Zealand and Australia alike, apart from Canada, UK and other attractive destinations of the world. Visas And Work Permits agree absolutely with Expat insider and have seen many Dubai citizens settle well in these fine countries. Below is the top 10 List.

  1. Austria

With healthcare and childcare systems that are second to none, education options and enough social amenities, Austria comes first in the Family Life Index. It moved from the 11th position to the 2nd position for quality of education and general family well-being subcategories in just one year.

2. Finland

Finland comes first in education quality out of all the 41 subject countries with about 92% of parents giving Finland a positive rating in the education subcategory. About 81% of parents believe that education is affordable in Finland. As a matter of fact, education is free from pre-primary levels to higher education in Finland.

3. Sweden

For cost of childcare and Education subcategory, the Expat Insider rated Sweden first and second position for the availability of education and childcare. About 71% of parents are okay with the quality of education provided in Sweden and only about 16% gave a negative rating.

4. Israel

In availability of childcare, Israel had a very high score. Parents confessed that their children living  in Israel are very happy and healthy too. Childcare in Israel is put at 66% and kids’ happiness at 94%.

5. New Zealand

A good bulk of expats living in New Zealand are more than satisfied with their children’s education options as well as the well-being of their children. The expats also brag about the friendliness of the locals too. About three-quarters of the respondents claimed to feel right at home in New Zealand.

6. Singapore

Although the availability of childcare was scored high in Singapore, many respondents complained of expensive school fees.

7. Germany

Germany got the 4th position out of 41 countries for Education Quality subcategory. Based on the survey by Expat Insider, other factors that altogether contributed to the country’s appealing family life includes good transportation systems and reliable travel as well as top notch health and safety standards.

8. France

France enjoys affordable childcare and education systems. This was confirmed by 63% and 60% of respondents attesting to that respectively.

9. Australia

Australia bags the award for being the number one country worldwide for leisure activities with a whopping 96% of parents attesting to the fact that they are satisfied with their children’s well-being. Not only those, 73% of these parents agree that education options are numerous and are affordable too. Australia also ranks first in family well-being.

10. Luxembourg

Luxembourg comes 5th in the sub-category of the most popular destination for expats overall. 41% of respondents claimed that they are satisfied with their family life in the country.

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