Nurses Immigration To Australia


Nurses Immigration To Australia

Nurses are some of the priority in the Australian Immigration. Around 85,000 Nurses are needed in Australia. Are you ready to Immigrate to Australia. Competition for nurses is heating up, with some employers offering six weeks’ holidays as major hospital operators warn that any significant increases in pay and entitlements, or restrictions on supply, will affect them greatly.

In nursing, an ageing workforce, mal-distribution of staff and little increase in productivity or clinical roles has created a fractious environment where new graduates often take jobs elsewhere while some employers continue to seek nurses overseas. In an effort to maintain its ­supply. Queensland’s Palaszczuk Labor government is finalising an enterprise bargaining agreement that will deliver nurses a 2.5 per cent pay rise backdated to April and another 2.5 per cent in April next year. The state is also opening up to 1000 additional graduate nurse positions every year to ­retain more young staff.


Are you a registered Nurse and interested in migrating to Australia as a skilled worker? Contact Visas and Work Permits today for immigration details, processes, fees, requirements, and most importantly your eligibility for an Australian Visa. We provide a Free Visa Consultation to all interested individuals and only accept those who qualify during our first assessment.

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