New Zealand Visa Consultants in Dubai


New Zealand Visa Consultants in Dubai

New Zealand is located in the southern Pacific Ocean that is why the country is dubbed as the Land of the Long Clouds. The country has a number of beautiful scenery, exotic animals, majestic places, friendly culture and wonderful environment making it a great place for immigration for individuals and families from all over the world.

New Zealand is offering a number of Immigration Programs for different people to help them work and live in the country. This immigration policies will ensure the economy to grow through the highly skilled professionals to be welcomed by the country. If you are planning to move to New Zealand, Visas and Work Permits is the right Immigration Services company for you.

Visas and Work Permits is one reliable immigration and visa consultancy in Dubai which offers help in the immigration and visa processes for countries like New Zealand. Our Immigration and Visa consultants will assist you through your application in a shortest possible time. To know more of the New Zealand immigration options for New Zealand, contact us today and talk to our experts.


For New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa application from Dubai, contact Visas and Work Permits immigration consultants to know if you are qualified for the immigration program for a Permanent Residence Visa for New Zealand. We provide an initial and unofficial visa assessment based on your qualification such as your age, your education and work experience as well as your English ability. Once we have evaluated your skills, we will then go on to the next level of the process – submission of Expression of Interest to the New Zealand Immigration.


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