New Zealand Student Visa

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New Zealand Student Visa

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For Students all over the world who are considering New Zealand, you should know that New Zealand qualifications are recognized all over the world and International Students make up a good part of the social fabric of all of the New Zealand higher institutions.

Any course you are thinking of enrolling in that is more than 3 months in duration, you may need to obtain a New Zealand visa. Before an application can be submitted for a visa, there must be an offer of admission in place from an approved institution in New Zealand, one who adheres to policy requirements. Also, the applicant must have paid or must have been exempted from all course fees. Health and character requirements must have been met as well.

The New Zealand Student visa gives you the freedom to live in the country for the duration of your course. If your course, per chance, exceeds a year, you may be eligible for part-time work which should not be more than 20 hours a week.

All paper based or online application must be tendered through Immigration New Zealand.


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