New Zealand Residence Visa from India

                                                               New Zealand Residence Visa from India

New Zealand Permanent Residents are a citizen of New Zealand, who have a permanent resident visa. Every year a lot of Indian students, skilled worker, and families migrate to New Zealand. New Zealand is a wonderful country and place to work and live in. As an immigrant, you will be amazed to see the infrastructure, best cities, advance health care, and various facilities.

To apply for New Zealand permanent residence, you have to apply for the appropriate following visas. As new skilled migration visa is the best pathway to migrate for the Indians and they follow this method as well.

Below are the visas categories that a candidate can select and apply

• Family Visa

This visa allows the family of the New Zealand resident to come and stay with their spouse/family.

• Skilled Migration Visa

This is based on specialist and professional skills, qualifications or work experience. The candidate must also be aged under 55 years and meet English language, health, and character requirements.

• Work to Residence

For those candidates that have worked for 2 years on a work visa, meet health and character requirements

• Investor Visas

This visa is for people who want to move to New Zealand to buy or start their own business.

• Partner/ Dependent Child Visa

The partner or spouse of the permanent resident of New Zealand can visit New Zealand to meet their partner/spouse.

                                   Do you want to find out if you are eligible for New Zealand’s Permanent Visa

The permanent residence visa gives you the benefits, rights, and privileges as the resident visa, with one exception that your visa does not have travel conditions as you have the permanent resident visa in your passport.

If you are interested in migrating to New Zealand, please fill out the Free Assessment form our immigration experts will assess your eligibility and advice you how to proceed further.

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