New Zealand Requires Skilled Migrants

New Zealand Requires Skilled Migrants

New Zealand Requires Skilled Migrants

June Ranson, the Chairman of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment had said that New Zealand requires more skilled worker in New Zealand if steady growth is to be maintained at the level at which it is growing. This was a statement made in response to the comments passed by one of the Labour MP to reduce the number of permanent residence visas approved. He said that immigration is very essential to deal with problems associated with aging population and low rates of birth.

New Zealand has realized that immigration is very imperative for economic growth; the small-scale industries have been having issues with the aging population and low workforce numbers. There are jobs in New Zealand for which no skilled person can be found without New Zealand. For such jobs, skilled workers who have the right qualification and skill are required to fill up such positions. There are job opportunities in New Zealand; there is therefore no reason to deprive the right skills from assessing such job opportunities.

New Zealand is currently passing through the phase of growth pains and as such, it is necessary to import the needed skills to contribute to the growth while adding value to the economy of New Zealand. There is really no economy that is growth focused that doesn’t follow immigration as the strategy to boost economic growth. If there are shortages, they have to be filled and if resources cannot be found within, there is no wrong with bringing them from without.


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