New Zealand Needs More Skilled Migrants

New Zealand Needs More Skilled Migrants

New Zealand Needs More Skilled Migrants

The New Zealand first MP, Winston Peters has advised the government to cut Permanent Residence permits to 7,000 – 15,000 maximum. Ms Ranson sees this as ironic because there have been more Permanent residence approvals when the New Zealand MP was supporting the Labour government.

Ms Ranson does not believe this is the right move to make. According to her, the birth rate in New Zealand is dropping and this means migrants are needed more than ever in New Zealand if the economic standard and growth levels are to be maintained and if the standard of living in New Zealand is to be maintained.

She believes that New Zealand has a problem because small to medium sized businesses operated by baby boomers have no succession plans in place. It invariably means these companies will close down at some point and all their staff sent home because there are no skilled people found in New Zealand to fill these positions that are left behind.

According to her, New Zealand is still going through growth pains and this is not the best time to cut down on the number of expats allowed to come in. She said, interestingly, the people that are asking that skilled migrant numbers should be reduced are the same people that want the numbers of refugee entries increased.

Already, the New Zealand government has stopped the Audlt Child and Sibling Policy which gives way to siblings, whether they are skilled or unskilled, to join their families in New Zealand. The most important thing is to have a tight check on who gets to migrate to New Zealand and who doesn’t.


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