New Zealand Basic Skilled Visa Requirements

New Zealand Basic Skilled Visa Requirements

New Zealand Basic Skilled Visa Requirements

The New Zealand skilled migration plan allows migrants with relevant skills to migrate to New Zealand to fill up workforce shortages. Right now, New Zealand is experience a significant shortage in skilled workers in several industries. This makes now the best time to apply.

There is really no need for jobs in New Zealand for expats to be secured before one can be eligible for the New Zealand skilled migrant visa. However, if an applicant can secure jobs in new Zealand from a validated employer, there are additional points which can help increase the chances of a successful visa application.

In order to be qualified for the New Zealand work visa to live and work in New Zealand, you will be required to score up to 100 points in the test for skills. However, the basic requirements include:

  • Age: Applicant must not be more than 56 years of age
  • Character and Health: Applicant must be in good health and must have good character
  • Occupation: Applicant must have an occupation listed on the Skills List
  • Qualifications: Applicant must have relevant degree or certification in the occupation
  • Experience: Applicant must have at least 3 years active experience which is relevant to qualifications
  • English Language: Applicant must be proficient in English Language


The best way to avoid errors and mistakes during your visa application is to seek the help of a visa agent for New Zealand. New Zealand immigration agents in Dubai have experience and expertise which can be invaluable to you during your application. Apart from knowing your eligibility standing, you get to learn how to maneuver the loops of immigration laws and get to present an application that will be hard to resist by the consulate of New Zealand.


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