Migration to New Zealand From UAE

Migration to New Zealand From UAE

Migration to New Zealand From UAE

In July this year, about 5700 migrants were welcomed into New Zealand. According to Herald Lee Suckling, New Zealanders should be grateful to migrants in their country and should welcome them with open arms. According to him, the economic and technological advancements brought about by the presence of expats in New Newland is something that New Zealanders should be glad for. The younger generations now have the opportunity to know what migrants known all along. Now there are downsides to having migrants in their volume enter into a country, such as competition for the available resources. However, New Zealanders would generally have a better life if they were we to allow a substantial influx of migrants in the country. There are positive effects of this and some of them are:

Ethnic Diversity

The major ethnic diversity in New Zealand is concentrated in Auckland. This is understandable; Auckland is the capital city where everyone wants to be. However, New Zealand government can begin to give incentives to migrants to settle in other parts of the country. This will help even out the housing situation and the struggling for the minimal resources in the big cities while the smaller towns and cities will be given a new economic life.

The social consciousness brought about by presence of migrants in these smaller cities will benefit the locals as they integrate into them, bringing in their cultural activities which will help to increase ethnic diversities.

Meeting the Needs of Kiwis and Migrants

According to Herald Lee, Auckland would need about 22,000 houses to take care of the 50,000 migrant target.

Increased migration can really help to solve the nation’s housing crisis. Apart from having more people providing goods and services, there will also be more people buying them and this also means more people are earning and spending. This will help better the country’s microeconomics and this makes for better circumstances for New Zealanders. In addition to this, this also means these players will pay tax and the more tax that is being paid, more infrastructure can be put in place.


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