Why Migrate to New Zealand from UAE

Why Migrate to New Zealand from UAEWhy Migrate to New Zealand from UAE

There are a couple of reasons why many expats consider immigration to New Zealand as the topmost option when it comes to moving to greener pastures. Most expats migrate to New Zealand in search of jobs and better lifestyle. New Zealand tends to have this more than other countries. If you are curious, below are some of the reasons why you may also need to consider New Zealand in your migration plans.

Balanced Work-Family Lifestyle Choices

New Zealand is one of the few countries where you can have a good day’s work and a good time with family and friends plus a nice and serene environment that is loaded with recreational. Outdoor life is really interesting in New Zealand as there are lots of space and national parks that are accessible to all. The major highlight of living in New Zealand, you will find out, is the friendliness and openness of New Zealanders. Based on a survey conducted in 2014 by Mercer, Auckland was ranked the 3rd in the world for ‘Quality of Living’ after Vienna and Zurich. It was rated first in Asia Pacific and Australasia. Another similar survey put Auckland in the 10th position out of 140 cities of the world.

Clean and Magnificent Natural Environment

New Zealanders don’t joke with their environment; they have this strong sense of protection. In a recent immigration New Zealand survey, it was shown that over 90% of expats found New Zealand to exceed their expectations. There are soaring mountains such as the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings; there are mysterious lakes and rivers, vast open plains, braided rivers and dramatic volcanic plateaus with thermal wonderlands, native forests and a coastline that is glorious, nicely garnished by the gorgeous sandy beaches.

Most Livable Climate and Weather

The climate in New Zealand is temperate and mild relatively compared to other countries. They experience wet winters and temperatures ranging between 10 and 150C. There are also warm and dry summers with temperatures around 20 and 300C. From December to February, its summer in New Zealand and from June to August, it is winter.

Apart from the above reasons, New Zealand enjoys the least unemployment figures in the developed work and that means there are jobs for almost everyone, whether it is nursing jobs in New Zealand or engineering jobs, everyone will find jobs in New Zealand. This country is also known to be one of the least corrupt nations of the world, having little or no terrorist issues, definite safety and security in place.


New Zealand is positioned to thrill every expat who manages to get in. If you are thinking of New Zealand already, why don’t you let us help you with your visa at Visas and Work Permits. First, your eligibility will have to be determined. For us to do that, please fill up our free online visa assessment form and one of our agents will get back to you with your eligibility assessment results.


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