Live and Work in the World’s Best Place to Live – Australia

Live and Work in the World's Best Place to Live

Live and Work in the World’s Best Place to Live – Australia

Are you seeking greener pastures? You are probably planning to migrate with your family to some part of the world that you don’t know yet. One of the easiest ways to make a choice is to find out which parts of the world has the best scores in the Better Life Index. Since the major reason for migrating is to find a better place, it will not make any sense if one leaves home country only to migrate to a country that is even worse in living standards.

One sure country, which has consistently scored the highest when it comes to the best place to live and work in the world is Australia. According to the Organization for Economic cooperation and Development, Australia come tops.

You probably would have thought UK would score highest but shockingly, UK came 10th in the OECD’s Better Life Index, falling behind US, Canada and the Scandinavian nations but staying ahead of Germany and France which managed to hold the 17th and 18th position respectively.

This is the third time in a row that Australia is retaining its position as the world’s happiest and industrialized nation and this it owes to strong indicators of health and housing. Life expectancy in Australia is put at 82 years and that’s 2 years about the OECD’s average life expectancy. 90% of residents also say they are pretty satisfied with the housing condition and that’s 3% about the average of OECD. For more information about Australia, you can consult with us at Visas and Work Permits, your best option when it comes to migration consultants in Dubai.

For public engagement in voting and election matters, Australia scored 93% in the average election and voting turnout in recent elections, doing better than 66% recorded for UK and the 72% OECD average.

The UK is not a bad performer when it comes to income and employment, only that it didn’t do well when it comes to work-life balance with 12% of employees working long hours, much more than the 9% set as the average by OECD.  Also, the average disposable income for households in Britain is 17,800 pounds per year, spiking above the 15,300 pounds set by OECD as average. There is also a significant gap between the poorest and the richest with the top 20% population earning as much as six times than the bottom 20% population. If you love the UK, you are also welcome to talk to us at Visas and Work Permits for all you migration Dubai questions about the UK and for guidance and advice.

OECD, the Paris based think-tank used 11 factors to measure general wellbeing of the citizens and this includes community, environment, education, health, civic engagement, housing, jobs, income, life satisfaction, work-life balance and safety. Turkey scored one of the lowest scores out of the 36 nations surveyed by OECD, having poor figures in almost all the factors measured.

Also, countries that were affected by the Eurozone crisis scored low on the list. Portugal and Greece scored 28th and 30th positions respectively, with bad scores in employment. In Greece, 56% of the residents between ages 15 and 64 have a paid job while only 64%  have paid jobs in Portugal, which is below the 66% set as average by OECD.


Without a doubt, Australia still remains the best choice any migrant can make when it comes to the country to migrate to. However, migrating to Australia is not as easy as you may think and without proper representation, such dream may not come true. This is why you have immigration consultants UAE, who are meant to guide you. It is possible to apply by yourself and get selected for a visa to Australia but those who go have the backing of a licensed immigration consultant in Dubai have better chances than persons who do not.

Visas and Work Permits, one of the best Australian immigration consultant in Dubai, have all the experience to be the perfect support for you in your application process. Please fill up our free visa assessment form, one of our agents will get back to you shortly to discuss your Australia visa options.


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