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Many expats love to relocating to a new country and exploring a new lifestyle. For people to look out for a new experience, Canada should be on your go-to list as it is one of most welcoming countries for immigrants across the world.

If you are thinking to migrate to Canada, this blog will make you more excited about Canada. The country has now made the process easier for immigrants by making few changes to their Express Entry system.
Getting a job offer letter from a Canadian employer can fasten the process of coming to Canada on a permanent or temporary basis. Either way, you must have legal status to work in Canada.
The applicants that apply for the Permanent Residency through the Skilled worker as the permanent full-time job offer from a Canadian employer can reduce application processing times. Once you have Permanent Residency, you have the legal right to work in Canada and your dependents have the right to work and/or attend school.
For those interested in temporary employment in Canada, once you obtain a valid job offer, you can apply for work permit. This is the quicker process and can improve your chances for Permanent Residency should you choose to apply at a later time.
Canada demands the workers to come to Canada and participate in our society and economy. It can only benefit future immigrants to search for and apply for different opportunities in Canada.
Canada has great opportunities that include wide positions in different sectors such as healthcare, construction, and natural resources stand out for their growth potential in the coming years. This explains why there are many lucrative job opportunities in these sectors in Canada.

Here are 10 well-paying job opportunities for immigrants in Canada:
Immigrants in 2018
1. Engineering
There is a huge demand for in the field of engineerings like mining engineers, electrical and instrumentation engineers, mechanical engineers, heavy equipment contractors, and project engineers.
2. Nursing
3.Occupational therapy
4.Medical technology
5.Personal support work
6.Veterinary care
7. Dietician
8. Insurance agents
9. Dental care
10. Construction
and many more…
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