Improve your Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System

Improve your Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System

Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS is a point system that evaluates the eligibility and suitability of a PR visa applicant based on his total points scored on the basis for age, education, work experience, Language ability.
Before a Comprehensive Ranking System score being assigned individuals must first be eligible under one of the following programs:

• Federal Skilled Worker Class
• Federal Skilled Trades Class
• Canadian Experience Class

There are some methods of increasing your CRS score may Let’s look at these :

• Level of Education/Qualification

If you completed your education course, diploma and degree from the recognized university in Canada, then you will be awarding extra points. The higher the qualification you have the higher you get the points.

• Work Experience

The number of years work experience you have in your work field improves your CRS points. Work experience comes under the combination factors, 100 points overall. This means that more experience with a better language score can boost your points.

• Choose the principle applicant carefully

When applying as a couple, the applicant may think who is better qualified but that is not always the case. Candidates with higher qualifications and experience in trades can score much better than a spouse with a degree or work experience. Once it is decided about the principle applicant the other person in the relationship can boost the CRS score by up to 40 points by increasing Canadian work experience, boosting education or improving language skills.

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• Improve your language skills

An improvement in the language skills results in a better score. The better a candidate`s English and/or French will get the higher the score, so a candidate should keep going to lessons and keep retaking the tests while he or she is in the Canada Express Entry pool.

So these are some common ways that will help you to increase your CRS score in the Canada express entry. The greater the CRS score, the more chances of getting Canada PR.

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