Immigration to Manitoba Canada from Dubai and Saudi

Immigration to Manitoba Canada from Dubai and Saudi

Immigration to Manitoba Canada from Dubai and Saudi

Have you been looking for how to migrate to Canada from Dubai? You probably have heard so many stories about Canada immigration Dubai consultants that could help you in your dream of immigrating but don’t know which of them to trust. Visas and Work Permits is one of the well renowned visa agencies you can find. With several years of experience in serving immigrants and expert Canadian immigration consultants in Sharjah and other parts of the UAE, you can count on us to help you get closer to your dreams. One of the entry routes to Canada is through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is designed for Skilled Workers and driven locally by the Manitoba government in response to the needs of Manitoba employers. Internationally trained and experienced workers are selected by Manitoba periodically to fill the needs of the labour market. Such, who have the skills required, are nominated to receive Canadian Permanent Resident visas which give them the opportunity to settle down and work in the Manitoba Province.

So far, the success of the MPNP can be largely attributed to the stable and strong economy of the Manitoba Province. The province enjoys the presence of growing industries and thriving economic sectors which has helped to keep unemployment rates low. This also ensures good wages, generous benefits, safe working conditions and workers’ rights which altogether ensures admirable working conditions for all. Manitoba also enjoys a relatively low cost of living, high standard government services such as education and healthcare. The province enjoys a quality but affordably lifestyle.

The MPNP for skilled workers is designed for individuals who has strong connections to the province and also possess the right skills, education, work experience, training and are proficient in the official language of the province. Such are invited to come in to contribute to the growing economy of Manitoba. All who must be nominated must however submit a Settlement Plan which is supposed to explain how to intend settling in Manitoba and how they intend to contribute to Manitoba’s growth. Those who get nominated can count on us at Visas and Work Permits, experts in Canadian immigration from Dubai, to provide required resources to achieve all your goals.


As one of the expert Canadian immigration center around, Visas and Work Permits will be willing to represent you and help ensure that your visa is granted. Our Canadian skilled immigration consultants are available always to answer all questions that you may have. To start with, you are implored to fill up our free online visas application form, in order to check your eligibility, and one of our managers will get back to you.


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