Immigration for Workers Encouraged All Throughout Canada


Immigration for Workers Encouraged All Throughout Canada

The Minister of Immigration in Canada, John McCallum has made it known that the Canadian government is planning to bring even more expats into Canada. However, as housing prices are at an all-time high in Vancouver and Toronto, the plan is to lure these expats into other provinces and locations where housing is much more affordable. John McCallum said that labour market shortages and aging population is part of the reason why other regions need to be populated by skilled expats.

“The plan is to spread migrants across the country in a relative and even manner. The last thing we want right now is that any migrant should go to Vancouver or Toronto,” said McCallum at the roundtable discussion held this week with stakeholders in Vancouver, British Columbia.

He agreed that Canada truly needs more migrants and this is partly due to the aging population which needs replacement as soon as possible. However, the government is limited in how much migrants can be dispersed into other locations because as soon as such become permanent residents, they are free to choose where they would love to live under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Minister also added that the Canadian government has not really made a decision on how many immigrants it will admit in 2017 although it was clear that the numbers are expected to increase from what it was. The overall target is expected to be announced for 2017 this September, along with the figures for 2018 and 2019.

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