Immigrating to Canada from UAE

Immigrating to Canada from UAE

Immigrating to Canada fromĀ UAE

Sitting at the Northern end of America, Canada is vast with a width of 5600km and blessed with all the goodies that any expat may be looking for in a country.

Popularly known for its mountain range Maples, its intimidating Redwood Trees and its famous Mounted Police, Canada is a strong country with a strong economy and a stable political environment and very low crime rates. Immigration to Canada from Dubai will be a whole lot easier for you if you have good immigration consultants working on your application.

There are several ways you can migrate from UAE to Canada. Some of such ways include:

  • Study visa
  • Work Visa
  • Business visa
  • Transfer by your company from where you are to a Canadian branch
  • Permanent Residency visa without job offer
  • Permanent Residency with a job offer
  • Having qualified family members in Canada who are already citizens or permanent residents

Each of the above listed routes has its own specific requirements which must be met if you are to be considered. You will need the help of immigration consultants in UAE in this or you may not get desired results. There are complexities that will require expertise, one that can only be adequately tackled by experienced individuals who can only be immigration to Canada consultant in UAE.


Once you can hire the services of experienced migration consultants in Dubai, your problems are half solved. Besides ensuring that your application is solid and your chances of obtaining a visa is increased, you will also be able to avoid paying the huge visa application fees for nothing like many who just go ahead to apply without knowing what is involved.

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