Immigrate to Canada – As an Engineer

Immigrating to Canada Is a big step in itself. Immigrate to Canada to work as a professional engineer is also very challenging. You need to know and have to be prepared for migrating to Canada—including the kinds of engineering jobs are available in Canada.

Engineering is in demand profession in Canada and there you need a license to work as a professional engineer. You cannot work there as a professional engineer unless you have a license.
To use your professional skills and designation or carry out engineering work in Canada you must have the license for that.
Qualified applicants will receive work permits for immediate entry to Canada along with their family dependents. Thereafter the applicants can apply for Canadian permanent residence.

The Canadian employers can offer the salary packages to the qualified engineers that can exceed CAD $106,000.

The prospective applicants must meet the following basic requirements to qualify:

1. He must have acquired a bachelor’s degree in engineering.
2. Minimum of 2+ years of relevant experience is the must.
3. Good English or French language skills.
4. Medical fitness test must be clear.
5. Must have the clean police record during the past 5 years.


Canadian companies don’t hire quickly when it comes to hiring from abroad. The process can take three-to-six months, so be prepared to adapt and be persistent.

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