How to select NOC for Canada Immigration

Interested to work in Canada or to get the permanent residency in Canada, you will be required to identify Canada code as part of your immigration application. Every applicant applying for Canada immigration must be aware of NOC code.

What is the NOC and NOC Code in Canada?

NOC is The National Occupational Classification in Canada’s national system for organizing and describing occupations in the job list. It can help the applicants to locate information about occupations found throughout Canada’s job market. In order to identify your NOC code, it is important that the applicant can identify the job group and the job description that best fits according to his qualifications. These factors are also classified by the NOC and are based on job duties and the work a person does.

Job Groups are assorted under NOC

The job groups are classified under the National Occupation Classification system are given below defined by Canadian government:

  • Skill Type 0 (zero): management profile jobs that include applicants at the post of managers such as restaurant managers, mine managers, shore captains.
  • Skill Level A: A professional jobs that usually holds the professional degree from a university, such as doctors, dentists, architects.
  • Skill Level B:  The technical jobs and skilled trades jobs for those holding a college diploma or training as chefs, plumbers, electricians.
  • Skill Level C: The intermediate jobs for the applicants that usually have done high school and/or job-specific training, such as industrial butchers, long-haul truck drivers, food and beverage servers. This category applicants are not classified as skilled workers.
  • Skill Level D: The labor jobs to whom on-the-job training is provided, such as fruit pickers, cleaning staff, oil field workers, cleaners etc.

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