How to Move to New Zealand as a Skilled Migrant


How to Move to New Zealand as a Skilled Migrant

One of the countries prospective migrants are interested in and often ask question about is New Zealand. As a skilled migrant in New Zealand, you have the license to work, live and study without a cap on how long you can stay in New Zealand as long as you have satisfied all the requirements.

If you are a skilled individual who might be considering migration to New Zealand, the skilled migrant category might be one option for you to consider. The skilled migrant visa allows foreigners with the right skills that can contribute to the local economic growth to come into New Zealand. If you are thinking of UAE emigration to New Zealand, you might want to consider the following points which can help make the process smoother.

  1. The fact that you believe you are professional doesn’t qualify you for the visa. You need to have the skills needed to boost New Zealand economic growth. Long before you apply for the visa, you will need to send in an expression of interest to the relevant authorities in New Zealand, stating your work experience, the qualifications you have and why you think you can settle in New Zealand conveniently. If you are found fit, you will be given the chance to apply for the visa.
  2. If you have added significantly to the economic growth in your home country or the country where you currently reside by running your own business you may not qualify for the Skilled Migrant visa category because it is not designed for the self-employed. If you are planning to continue with your own business, there are other visa options for you. The Skilled Migrant visa is strictly for skilled professionals.
  3. In order to be a successful applicant, you need to provide all the needed evidence. This will include proof of good character and health, proof of identity, proof of proficiency in English Language, age which should not be more than 55 at the time of application. Also, you should be able to provide proof of skill in the area of employment and you must have sent in an Expression of interest letter and must have been invited to apply for residence. Also, if you are bringing in dependents, they must meet these requirements.
  4. If you have already secured an offer of employment in Auckland and that was the reason why you were invited to apply for residence, make sure you start working within 3 months of entry in to New Zealand and stay on the job for at least 3 months. An evidence of this will be required eventually by the authorities. For job offers outside Auckland, make sure you stay on the job for at least 12 months after your entry into New Zealand.
  5. If you have already have a job in Auckland and you were awarded points because of this skilled employment, you will need to bring proof that you have not been on that job for up 3 months before you were invited to apply for residence and that you intend to stay on the job for at least 3 months. For job offers outside Auckland, you must be able to prove that you intend to stay on the job for at least `12 months.


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