How to Get A New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa


How to Get A New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa

New Zealand, one of the best countries in the world and one rated to be the world’s most economical, social and politically stable country, has become a destination for migrants who are hunting for a better life and an improved condition of living. New Zealand is currently welcoming migrants from across the world, such as will help add to the growth of its economy. So if you are looking for how to go to New Zealand and you have something to offer in form of skill, New Zealand is saying they need you.

Since New Zealand is pretty serious about growing their economy, they have come to realize the fact that this can only happen if the best talents are found for the jobs available in New Zealand. To make this happen, the New Zealand government has introduced the Skilled Migrant Visa, a different visa category under the Temporary Residency migrant stream. This is to allow skilled individuals to come in and take up New Zealand job vacancies easily.

The New Zealand government, just like the governments of Canada, South Africa and Australia, publishes the occupations that are essential for future growth of the country yearly; such occupations for which suitable citizens cannot be found. As such, if there is any migrant who can prove their skills, qualification or experience in any of such occupations, such can submit a New Zealand visa application for a residency permit under the Skilled Migrant Category to migrate to New Zealand.

The Skilled Migrant Category is a point-based system which awards points to applicants based on their age, work experience, qualifications and skilled employment offer in New Zealand. No applicant should be more than 55 years of age at the time of application. All applicants are also expected to be fluent in English language and be of good health and character standing before they can be considered by the New Zealand immigration authorities.


It is therefore in your best interest as an applicant to seek the services of qualified New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai, like Visas and Work Permits, to help run every necessary assessment test on your profile in order to determine how eligible you are for the New Zealand visa.

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