How to apply for Australia Partner Visa

The Partner/spouse visa category is one of the ways to Migrate to Australia. It provides the options to the genuine couples to get settle in Australia and get the Australia permanent residency there.

What is the spouse/ Partner visa?

The partner visa allows the spouses to join their partner residing in Australia as permanent residents. Or you can say that the partner visas allow the partner or the spouse of the Australian permanent residents to join them in Australia to live together.

Eligibility to apply?

To apply for the Australian partner visa;

• The applicant must be married to the person who is the permanent resident of Australia or Australian Citizen.
• Your partner marriage must be valid under the Australian law i.e. you must have your parental permission.

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What is the process?

Partner applications work in stages:

At first, the partner can apply for a temporary visa, it is for 2 years and after that he/she can apply for the Australia permanent residency visa. If an applicant is granted for the temporary visa, then you become eligible and can be assessed for the permanent Partner visa after you lodged your application.

For permanent residency, you can be asked for more or further documents. If you are in a long time relationship then your visa may be granted immediately after the temporary subclass 820 visa.

Required Documents

There are some important documents that a partner must have before applying for Australia partner visa. These are as follows:

Official documents that prove or justify your existing relationship:

  • This includes the marriage certificate from the Indian government and or the certificate that you will get after registering your relationship with the Australian government.
  • Medical or fitness certificate from the recognized medical center in your native country.

Confirmation of the purity of the relationship

  • Documents concerning the financial aspect of the relationship, the organization of your daily life at home, your social life as a couple. You may be asked for anything related to the relationship.

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