High Demand Jobs for Immigration to Canada

High Demand Jobs for Immigration to Canada

High Demand Jobs for Immigration to Canada

The Canadian Government launched an all new and improved innovation strategy which is designed to help expedite immigration processes for foreign skilled migrants who might be joining the fast-paced tech firms in Canada.

Although we do not have specific details yet about this new program but we have confirmation that this will help to reduce the waiting time significantly for foreign workers. Before now, ideally, applicants have to wait for 6+ months to get their application processed and this is too much waiting time for the fast paced tech industry where time is of the essence. Many of the tech employers have blamed the government for slowing down economic and professional growth because they don’t allow them recruit workers outside Canada to fill skilled positions as fast as they would want it.

John, McCallum is the Canadian Immigration Minister and Refugees Citizenship and he has taken these claims. He said that more than half of last year’s immigration applications were processed in less than 6 months but plans are underway to further reduce the processing time to fit into the time bracket of the tech industry. He also stated that doors are going to be open to the brightest and the best individuals and hard work is being done to accommodate their needs as much as possible.

The major delay to the Express Entry Immigration process has been identified to be the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) which requires every Canadian employer to prove that the position they are giving out to expats cannot be filled by a Canadian citizen. While this system helps to alleviate threat of Canadian employers, who because they  are looking for cheaper labour, might deprive Canadians from accessing the job opportunities available in their companies; this method also slows down the process of recruiting people from outside Canada. A 6 month waiting time is therefore considered too long as competitors from all around the world would have gotten far ahead during such time.

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