Getting Permanent Residence in Canada


Getting Permanent Residence in Canada

A permanent residency visa holder is one who has gained permanent resident status, a status conferred by the Immigration Department of Canada on the qualifying candidate. It should be noted that Permanent Residents are not essentially Canadian Citizens although they can soon become one if they choose to.

Permanent Residents are immigrants from other countries who are living in Canada on a temporary basis, including students and foreign workers. Once a Permanent Residency status is confirmed by the Canadian immigration, a PR permit is issued which serves as a proof that the holder is a PR within Canada and such can travel outside and within Canada at will.


If you want to migrate to Canada from Dubai with the intention of getting a PR, you should know the following requirements.

First, you are to complete at least 2 years employment within Canada before you can apply for PR. Periods spent outside Canada will not be included in the 2 years of employment. If you leave Canada for more than 1 year or your employment permit expired, you may need to reapply at an overseas visa office before you can be allowed to return to Canada visa the Live-In Caregiver Program.

If you alter your training, work experience or educational informational to mislead the visa office, this may result in your application for permanent residence to be cancelled. PR applications are assessed based on financial capacity, marital status, number of dependents, skills upgrading in Canada, volunteer work. However, PR applications will be revoked if you or your spouse or dependents are found to have criminal records or are found to be seriously ill. These form part of the Canadian immigration procedure for those who want the PR Status in Canada.

After a candidate must have been assessed to qualify for a PR Permit, before the issuance of such, the candidate is given a permission to apply for an open employment which gives such the opportunity to select any job of their choosing while they await the issuance of the PR Permit since many applications are submitted the same time and there is need for patience.

In order to satisfy the residency requirements, the candidate needs to be present in Canada for at least 2 years in every 5 year period. This simply means that with the PR permit secured, you can travel outside Canada and stay for up to 3 years out of a 5 year period before returning.

All family members included in the PR permit application will also receive PR Permits the same time.


The benefits of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada include the following:

  • You get equal treatment and equal protection from the government
  • You are entitled to legal defense such as being assumed to be innocent until proven guilty
  • You have the right to an interpreter in the courtroom
  • You have to right to move from province to province, enter or exit Canada as you will
  • You have the right to study or work in any area of Canada of your choosing even though you cannot hold high security positions of the government.


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