Get a Visa and Work In New Zealand


Get a Visa and Work In New Zealand

While the idea of immigration to New Zealand may sound interesting, the chances are that you may not be able to make that dream a reality except you are able to find a job in New Zealand. It is therefore very important that you do the necessary findings before you make the decision. The job market in New Zealand is interesting and there are truly many job opportunities available, however you also need to know if you are skill set are required in New Zealand.

New Zealand Careers website for migrants

The New Zealand careers page is one good place to start checking out for the kinds of jobs that are in high demand in New Zealand. You will also get to learn what is expected of you and the working conditions out there. The site takes care of advice and tips on how to create your own CV in the New Zealand style. There are also many useful links and invaluable information you will find that will prepare you for a New Zealand job.

The New Zealand Skills Shortage List

The New Zealand immigration department has what is known as Skills Shortage List which is a list of occupations and jobs that are needed urgently in New Zealand. These are skills that are in shortage but are very essential for the growth of the economy. All applicants with job offers for jobs on the skill shortage list and with the right experience and qualification are lucky because getting a work visa will be very easy.

Regional Jobs in New Zealand

For applicants who have a predetermined area in New Zealand where they will love to settle down, it is advised that they seek jobs that match skills that are required in those areas. There is a tool, known as the regional career match tool which allows applicants to match their skills to the available employments in those regions. For more information about this, you can consult with New Zealand immigration agents in Dubai.

Skilled Migration Visa for New Zealand

The skilled migration visa is one of the best ways to get an opportunity to work in New Zealand. Not only that, it is the best way to get permanent residence visas in New Zealand.  New Zealand is working on a target to attract, between now and the next 3 years, about 150,000 migrants from all across the world.


For more information about work life in New Zealand and how to get jobs, you are welcome to consult with our Immigration consultant in Dubai. Our New Zealand immigration Dubai agents are fully experienced and on ground to help you with all your questions and guide you on the right path in your application process.


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