Germany Seeks Immigration to Overcome

Germany Seeks Immigration to Overcome

Germany should attract minimum 400,000 foreign workers every year to assure its businesses continue competitive, new research has shown, as the European Union strives to implement plans for a bloc-wide resolution to the migrant crisis.

German firms are experiencing a massive shortage of skilled labor which would see businesses miss out on £27billion (€30bn) income, a study by the Cologne Institute for Research of Economy shows. To plug the huge gap, nearly half a million workers want to move to Germany every year, as per the I.A.B Institute for Employment Research.

The announcement comes as E.U nations remain in their attempts to enact a bloc-wide policy to manage the migrant crisis despite fierce disagreement among member states.

Germany Following Recent EU Plans

Germany is one of the architects following the European Union recent plans to manage refugees and asylum seekers by fixing up ‘processing centers’ in North Africa. In reply to the labor shortage, Ms. Merkel’s government is forcing through a new law intended to encourage skilled workers to migrate to Germany.

Employees Visas from non-EU nations currently take up to six months to process – something which could be sped up below the new rules. The law is also intended to regulate the influx of low-skilled workers who might take benefit of the country’s liberal welfare system.


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