General Skilled Migration to Australia

migration to Australia through general skilled

General Skilled Migration to Australia

Applicants who have skills in demand may be eligible to apply for a Skilled visa. Employer sponsorship does not apply to Skilled visas and you do not need to be working in your field of expertise. Requirements include english skills, qualifications and/or work experience and satisfaction of the points test criteria. It is important to keep in mind that requirements vary depending on each individual situation.

There are 3 different types of Skilled visas:

  • -Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189)
  • -Skilled Nominated visa (Subclass 190)
  • -Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)

Features of Australian Skilled Visas:

  • you  must nominate an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list for the visa subclass you wish to apply for
  • you must prove that you have relevant skills for your nomination occupation, different criteria applies for each occupation
  • the best option for you will depend on your specific situation
  • you must not have turned 50 years of age, if you are over 50 other visa options may apply
  • you must meet at least 60 points of the migration points test
  • you must prove that you have at least a competent level of english, the english score applicable for your situation will depend on various factors including your occupation, visa subclass and your overall skills and experience
  • You can be in or outside Australia when you apply and when the visa is granted – the entire process can be managed by our specialists wherever you are located


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