Foreign Workers in Canada to Have Permanent Residence Easier


Foreign Workers in Canada to Have Permanent Residence Easier

UAE to Canada immigration just got easier for those who live in the UAE and other parts of the world and are intending to migrate to Canada. In a recent televised message on the Canadian State TV, the Minister of Immigration, John McCallum declared that foreign temporary workers in Canada will have any easier pathway to securing a PR in the country soon.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) will undergo a modification and a new parliamentary report regarding this, has been introduced already. More information concerning the modification of the TFWP is expected to be released by the information ministry in coming weeks.

The TFWP was designed to give Canadian employers the chance to employ foreign workers for low-skilled positions on a temporary basis. This has a way of helping to cover up for labour shortages which may exist in the country. However, most of the low-skilled temporary workers have complained of finding it hard to obtain permanent residence and this is what has prompted the government to make provisions to modify the program.

The Minister for Information has stated that it is noticed in general that everyone who comes into Canada should have an easy pathway to PR. The last modification to the TFWP was done in June 2014 and the modification was done due to the fact that employers were overwhelmed with recruitment process for foreign workers at that time, in order to cover for labour shortages. Afterwards, many foreign workers had to exit Canada because of the difficulties involved in obtaining a PR.


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