Family Reunion Visa Germany


Immigrants in Germany, are very much concerned about bringing-in their spouse, family and dependent children to join them in Germany.

German Family reunion visa let you join a relative or your family member in Germany. The reunification in Germany depends upon the status or condition of your Partner or relative living in Germany. This visa allows the spouses, parents of minors living in Germany and minors of parents living in Germany to reunite with their family.

Requirements for family reunification in Germany

The person you are going to join in Germany must have:

  • a permanent residence permit;
  • enough room space for you and for your partner to whom you are inviting.
  • Sufficient and secured finances for managing his/her expenses.
  • Must be aware of the German language.

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What are the required documents for applying for Germany Reunion visa?

The documents that are required for applying the visa depends upon the relationship with your family. If you want to invite your spouse, then the document requirement is different, for parents they are different.

  • Proof of accommodation – that shows the resident in Germany has enough space at their home in Germany for the applicant
  • Proof of German language skills at least level A1 of the applicant
  • Spouse / registered partner:
    • A marriage certificate attested by a foreign officer, also in German and legalized by the Germany embassy.
    • If the spouse is a German resident, then a copy of this German spouse’s passport and identity card must be submitted
    • if the spouse is a non-German residing in Germany, proof of legal residence and their passport must be submitted
  • Their children birth certificate, his nationality, and proof of custody of the parent residing in Germany.

Parents of the legal resident in Germany

Parent of children residing in Germany can apply for their parents to join their child in Germany if they possess the right to care and custody of the child.

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