Employment Opportunities in New Zealand


Employment Opportunities in New Zealand

Before making the decision to move to New Zealand, first question that comes in to your mind is the job opportunities you can get from the country and if your skills qualify for immigration. If you are curious on whether you will get a New Zealand Visa and land a job in the country, you can talk to one of our immigration consultants in Dubai for New Zealand and they will explain to you the requirements and your qualification and the right visa for you.

What skills are in demand?

There are a number of skills New Zealand is needing for an individual to qualify for the immigration. An applicant must qualify based on education, age, health, character, work experience and skills. There are some certain skills needed in one area of New Zealand, for an example the Canterbury. It has skill shortages that needs to be filled.

How to know if my skills are shortlisted in New Zealand?

In order for you to know whether your skills and occupation is listed in the demand list in New Zealand, you can directly check their immigration website or you can contact visas and work permits immigration consultants and they will tell you exactly whats needed in the country.


Visas and Work Permits is one of the trusted and most reliable immigration and visa consultancy in Dubai with a number of registered New Zealand immigration consultants and agents in Dubai. If you would like to know whether you have chance of getting a visa and job in New Zealand, you can get a free visa assessment from one of our experts today.

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