Easy Ways To Get PR for Canada

Easy Ways To Get PR for Canada

Easy Ways To Get PR for Canada

If you planning to migrate to Canada and you are hoping to get permanent residency, you should know that there is nothing like easy or difficult when it comes to obtaining a Canada visa. It all has to do with what skills, experience or qualifications you have and how you decide to follow the process. Some apply without proper consultation with immigration consultants and some do.

How easy is it to get PR in Canada?

Your chances depend on the quality of your application profile and how you approach the immigration process. There are basically two programs that can get you PR in Canada include the Canada Express Entry program, the QWSP program and the PNP program.

  • Express Entry Program: This program was launched in January 2015 and already, it has become the most popular method of entry into Canada. The process of application requires the applicant to fill up and submit a profile with Expression of Interest in the EE System. The profile will be awarded a score based on education, age, experience and language proficiency in either English and/or French. Those whose profiles are selected will be given Invitation to Apply for a PR visa. With a PR visa, work permit in Canada is included and the applicant doesn’t need to apply for a separate work visa for Canada.
  • QWSP: The Quebec Skilled Workers Program is designed by the Quebec province. It is also a point based system where those selected are given a Quebec Selection Certificate which enables them to apply for visa to get a PR in Quebec.
  • PNP: The Provincial Nominee Program are programs designed for different provinces of Canada which allows them to nominate candidates from the pool. An example of these includes the SINP from Saskatchewan Province, NSNP from Nova Scotia and AINP from Alberta Province etc. All these are point based systems which are used to select eligible candidates. All who get selected via these methods are given a Provincial Nomination Certificate which ensures a PR visa subsequently.

Is PR in Canada equivalent to Citizenship?

Permanent Residence in Canada is not equivalent to Citizenship but accords the holder rights and benefits which any citizen enjoys. Benefits of a PR visa include:

  • Freedom to live and work in Canada without restrictions
  • Access to healthcare benefits
  • Access to most of the Social Benefits available for citizens
  • Protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Eligibility to apply for Canadian Citizenship


Because the Canadian immigration process is point based, it gets a bit technical. If you are thinking of how to get Canada visa Dubai and don’t know if you are going to be eligible, you can fill up our free online assessment test and we will get back to you with results to discuss your chances.

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