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Visas and Work Permits Customer Reviews

Visas and Work Permits Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Visas and Work Permits, worked with me to gain my PR, the process is lengthy and the application gets moved from one person to another. But their care to the service and process the application goes through is always in presence.

Saher Ahmed

One of the very best consultants if I may have to say in U.A.E Good thing about this consultancy which i liked is that they give you a honest feedback and are available round the clock for any queries . Extremely happy to recommend everyone.

Rahmat Alam

Visas and Work Permits Consultants are the most competent and credible team of immigration lawyers I have come across.Their method of case handling speaks of their professionalism and expertise. Thank you Visas and Work Permits Consultants for providing me with accurate advice for UK Visit Visa to avoid a refusal this time.

Mohammed Ali

Visas and Work Permits helped me obtain my 489 visa for Australia after I went to a different company and they told me that I would not qualify for this visa I was very unhappy so I called Visas and Work Permits thinking that they would tell me the same thing but they told me differently which I was so happy about cannot thank them enough.

Roshan Ali

Visas and Work Permits have really helped me turn my life around. I actually never thought I’d get a job so easily when I first decided to move to another country. However, I contact Visas and Work Permits and in no time, I was gainfully and happily employed.

Akhtar Ali

Visas and Work Permits helped us from a very disastrous application from a previous company. We were cheated and we wasted a lot of money. Glad a friend recommended Visas and Work Permits. We trusted them immediately as it was referred by a reliable friend who also got his visa thru this company. They have informed and properly processed every requirement we need for Canadian permanent residency. And finally after so many ups and downs for past years, through Visas and Work Permits, we finally got the grant. We are very grateful for this opportunity.

Kristine Cruz

Visas and Work Permits is an accredited company and with the knowledge of that fact, my fears were instantly alleviated. They are really professional and their work processes are extremely thorough. I had no issues working with them at all.

Vinay Kumar

I would like to thanks Visas and Work Permits.Few days back I got my Canada Visa.As per their commitment I got my visa within their specified time period.I would love to recommend them to my contacts.They were very cooperative and helpful throughout the entire process.Thank you so much Visas and Work Permits.

Saurabh Patel

Hello Visas and Work Permits and team, I just want to let you know I finally got my passport back yesterday and it has been stamped with a visa. Thank you for a job well done. Kind Regards to everyone. Thank you so much Visas and Work Permits, I will gladly advertise this name to everyone who cares to listen.

Idress Ahmed

I and my wife were looking for a visa services company that could help us offer our Canada PR visa. After meeting several immigration Consultants in Dubai, we came across Visas and Work Permits. Meeting their visa consultant for the first time, he explained to us the overall process and assured us the best possible outcomes. On agreeing on all the terms, we were offered an immigration lawyer who handled our PR visa case. It was all of his dedication and professional approach that has helped us settle in Canada happily. Thank you Visas and Work Permits.

Hasim Ahmed

Thank you so much Visas and Work Permits for all your assistance and guidance in regards to my German job visa application. I really had no issues the entire process. Will be in contact with the team who handled my application for sure. I sincerely appreciate Visas and Work Permits team has done to me. Regards!

Abdul Rehman

We would like to thank Visas and Work Permits in Dubai, all your assistance in making our dreams come. It was the most amazing moment when Visas and Work Permits called us on Sunday morning to inform that we had been granted our visa. You have just changed our lives! Thank you again!

Ahmed Nawaz

I spoke to Visas and Work Permits immigration Consultants in Dubai for my Denmark Green Card application. Thanks to this team of Immigration Consultants for getting it done.

Zainab Bhana

We are very happy. Visas and Work Permits have a very professional staff and we had experienced a beyond expectation quality of services regarding our residency application.  We highly recommend Visas and Work Permits to anyone who has needed assistance on Canadian PR visa applications.

Kuldeep Yadav

No words for Visas and Work Permits services, I’m very happy to say finally we got Canada Visa and we will migrate soon. Thanks a lot Visas and Work Permits team for your Brilliant wonderful support and help us in Our Dream for Canada Migration and settle.

Avnti Dave