How to Choose the Right Immigration Program for Canada


How to Choose the Right Immigration Program for Canada

Canada immigration service has got many options that you can apply through. Not all programs are designed for you; there are some that will perfectly match your profile and some won’t. Knowing which one to go for, usually, is a big deal for many migrants. While there are many options to migrate into Canada, it is very important to know that all the programs result in almost the same thing and that’s to get you into Canada as a permanent resident. With the permanent resident visa, you are free to live and work anywhere you so desire within Canada. As a Canadian PR holder, you are also free to sponsor spouses, dependents, parents and grandparents alike without restrictions, you are just next to being a citizen.

We will try and run through the various visa options available. If you want Visas and Work Permits to help you, you can submit your profile via our free online Canada immigration evaluation online. One of our agents will get back to you to discuss your eligibility and other issues that concern your migration.

Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class is most suitable for those who have worked for at least 12 months full time in a Canadian company. Just like Ravi, who is a 33 years old who came into Canada to finish up his master’s degree. Just like most international students who came in through Canada student visa from UAE, the visa allowed him to have a post-graduate work permit which is valid for 3 years, the same number of years for his master’s degree. Ravi had been working full time in a Canadian company for the past 14 months.

An Express Entry application is required for Invitation to apply can be given for the CEC. The intake of applicants is absolutely controlled by the CEC.

Quebec Experience Class

Lydia who is originally from a French speaking nation was transferred by her employer to Quebec and Montreal offices. Lydia happened to fall in love with the Quebec lifestyle and decided to stay permanently. After working on a temporary work permit for a year, she decided to apply for Canadian Immigration. Being completely fluent in English, what are her best options of staying permanently?

Lydia’s best option is the Quebec Experience Class. The QEC is an accelerated immigration program that is administered solely by the Immigration Quebec. The QEC is the Quebec equivalent of the CEC and it was formulated with students who have graduated from in Quebec in mind. It should be noted that the QEC is not the same thing as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. French language ability is not a prerequisite in the Quebec Skilled worker program.

Because Lydia has over 1 year experience in Quebec, a valid work permit and fluency in French language, the perfect visa to apply for is the Quebec Experience Class.

Quebec Skilled Worker

Jackson, who now works in the Middle East as a staff nurse after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in the Philippines, has been making a nice salary for 4 years. His wife and kids are still resident in the Philippines. However, Jackson, who has never visited Canada before, has always dreamt of starting life there one day. Jackson is looking forward to a home where he can earn the kind of salary that befits his skills while having his family with him. What are the options for Jackson?

Since Jackson is skilled as a nurse, the Quebec Skilled Worker program would be the best for him since this program prioritizes the position of nurses. With 4 years of active work experience, he shouldn’t have a problem with scoring high in the QSW program. With his children included in the application, he might even score higher in the points test.

Express Entry

Kim has got an uncle and a sister that lives in Canada. Kim’s uncle has been telling that having a relative in Canada can help her to apply for Canadian residency but Kim never really visited Canada before. Much later, she gave thought to completing her bachelor’s degree in Ontario, where her sister and uncle are living but she later decided to stay back at home to complete her education. After working several years at home, Kim revisited her Canadian dream. What Canadian immigration program would be best for Kim since she has relatives who live in Canada?

The best option for Kim is the Express Entry program. However, having a relative does not automatically make her eligible but that will boost her points in no small way, increasing her chances of getting an Invitation to Apply for the Canadian PR. The Express Entry is one of the most population options for many migrants. However, it can’t be dealt with wholly in this article. For more information, please contact us at Visas and Work Permits or the Consulate of Canada in Dubai.

Spousal/Family Sponsorship

Omar has a long time relationship with a lady who is a Canadian citizen. They met each other when they were on vacation in Australia and are currently planning their wedding. Omar wants to move to Canada to be with his wife but will need to get a good job to be able to support his finances and as such wouldn’t be able to obtain a work permit.

For common in-law, conjugal or spousal relationships with Canadian Permanent Residents or Citizens, the best option is the Spousal Sponsorship. Unlike the Skilled Worker application however, you will need to prove that the relationship with the Canadian PR or citizen is genuine. There are basically 2 categories of spousal sponsorship visa and they include: the inland and the outland sponsorship. The category you will be able to apply for will depend largely on your location in the world.


Elisa is only 17 years and had just graduated from high school in her home country. She is thinking of furthering her education and checking her options. Her grandparents have asked to sponsor her should she decide to go abroad for her secondary education. Since Elisa knows very little about Canada, she is thinking of starting a new chapter of her life there. Elisa therefore decided to enroll in a Canadian school.

The Study-2-Immigrate option is the best for Elisa. This program is designed by Visas and Work Permits and it allows students to study in Canada. We will help you with everything needed to transition from a study visa to becoming a permanent resident in Canada.

From the above, it is clear that there are many roads that lead to Canada. All you have to do is chose one from the Canada visit visa from Dubai, the Canadian Experience Class, the Quebec Experience Class, the Express Entry, The Spousal Visa or the Study to Immigrate options.


For more information, feel free to contact us at Visas and Work Permits. We will be glad to answer all the questions you might have about your options for Canada immigration.

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