Checklist to Obtain a Canadian Visa

Checklist to Obtain a Canadian VisaChecklist to Obtain a Canadian Visa

Canada is seen as one of the best countries in the world because of the high living, work and educational standards. All Canadian residents get to enjoy high standards of living and this is why it is one of the countries receiving high traffic from expats all around the world. Even though there have been changes made to the criteria for migration to Canada from UAE, those who use the services of Canada immigration consultant in Dubai can still apply without having to worry. Canada is constantly in need of skilled individuals, who can add to their economic growth development and their cultural diversity.

Because of the increasing number of people scrambling to obtain Canadian visa, it has become a little bit more difficult to obtain Canadian visa. There are basically two options available for anyone to apply:

  1. Hiring a qualified consultant or service provider – This is really the best option for anyone who hopes to increase their chances of obtaining a visa. The truth is, migration consultants in Dubai understand the ins and outs of the immigration system and can as such guide you through the process at a reasonable fee.
  2. Do-It-Yourself – This is another option – you can do it yourself by gathering relevant information on the Canadian website, gathering the documents required by yourself and by representing yourself at the immigration office.

Some of the more common option available for obtaining a Canadian visa includes applying by work permit or as a student. If you are applying for student visa, you will need a good amount of money which is saved up as proof of funding before gathering all the relevant paperwork from the college that is giving you admission. For work permit, there are different work categories which you can choose from but you are expected to have a job offer certified by the Human Resources and Social Development Canada. Those with siblings and family members living and working in Canada can apply on your behalf. You can also visit Canada under the visitor visa.


There are many options available for each applicant but only one is most suitable. This is why a visa assessment is required to know which of the visas is best. Immigration to Canada from Dubai can be tedious because of the paperwork involved but once you have the right Canada immigration consultants in Dubai guiding you, there should be no issue.

You are welcome to fill up our free online visa assessment form and one of our agents will get back to you soon.


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