Travel to Portugal

Portugal was a world power in 15th and 16th century but was reduced to rubbles during an earthquake in 1755, Napoleon’s Invasion and Brazil’s Independence. Sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Spain and bordering the Atlantic Ocean by both west and south coast it is popular for its long and varied coastline, sunny climate and the[…]

Requirements for Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa program is one of the famous visa programs in Europe and it was launched in 2012. This visa program is very open to people from all over the world without any limitation to the nationality, religion or culture. The Portuguese Golden Visa programme allows the investors live, work, and study in the whole[…]

Schengen Visa Application Procedure from Dubai

How to Get A Schengen Visa Approval from Dubai This is a true story based on my personal experience of recently applying for a Schengen visa from Dubai. Firstly, I will briefly tell you who I am, I am one of the 3.31 million Indian residents in Dubai (2017),  I am 22 years of age,[…]